Why use Aphirm?

Client Focus


Aphirm combines disparate data requirements and diagnoses into rich, client-centered profiles — making the connections you need to gain deeper insights into your populations.

We’ve had many requests to offer the capability to attach names to HIV tests (whether positive, negative, or both). We can now offer that as part of Aphirm! The system will also support data imported from many popular data systems, including HL7. No more having to re-key information from an HIV test for Partner Services. Now you can link tests to a named client record for conducting Partner Services activities. You'll also be able to view potential duplicate entries and merge them into a single record.

Case Management

Aphirm provides a platform for traditional case follow-up. We are initially focusing on STDs, but it will soon be expanding to other communicable diseases such as hepatitis and tuberculosis. Having a case management feature provides users an opportunity to ensure that all parties to a client are tested and/or treated for any given infection.

Safe and Secure

We understand how critical it is to maintain confidentiality when it comes to name-based data collection. Aphirm complies with CDC’s Data Security and Confidentiality Guidelines. With multiple access levels and flexible permissions, you can control which data is off-limits to anyone other than who you specify — even when multiple agencies collaborate. Microsoft SQL Server Enterprise also includes extensive security features like fine-grained auditing, transparent database encryption and regular backups to ensure your data remains intact.

Modern Technology

Powerful Performance

Aphirm is driven by Microsoft SQL Server Enterprise, a powerful and well-supported database management system. It provides secure data storage and delivery, data visualization and reporting, real-time operational analytics and much more.

Accessible and Convenient

Whether it’s a desktop computer, tablet, smartphone, or other mobile device, Aphirm can detect and respond to whatever you’re using. HTML5 and JavaScript provide dependable performance across all types and sizes of devices. This makes for a convenient, optimized experience, no matter where you are or what you need to accomplish. Importing files, entering data, viewing charts, loading reports, and much more are all simple to do and consistently accessible.

Specialized Modules

Because of the flexibility of the platform on which Aphirm is built, we can easily add specialized modules. Some possibilities we envision:

  • Monitor and evaluate PrEP medication adherence
  • Collect client intake information on a tablet at your local clinic
  • Collect outreach data from any location via cell phone
  • Collect ILI and GLI attendance via text message from client
  • Stay in touch with specific clients via secure text message
  • Record locations of drug use hot spots using geolocation with the tap of a button

Have other ideas? We'd love to hear them!